Generate a superior steam clean across carpets and hard floors with the 1500W performance of this steam mop.

The lightweight design can be converted to a compact handheld steamer to maximise use within tight and restricted spaces.

The adjustable steam control is ready for use within 15 seconds and can generate up to 15 minutes of continuous steam from a complete fill of the 400ml transparent water tank.

The triangle shaped mop head allows for steam cleaning between every nook and cranny around your home to fit in room corners and close to skirting boards.

With 16 accessories to choose from, this steam mop provides a well-rounded cleaning tool for use all around the home.

Includes: 2 microfibre cloths, a carpet glide, brush tool, small and large brush, blinder, coral cloth, scraper, steamer cloth, funnel and cup, squeegee attachment, angled nozzle and an accessories adaptor.

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